Main News Transparency register: compulsory registration for all companies

Transparency register: compulsory registration for all companies

On 1 August 2021, the Transparency Register and Financial Information Act Money Laundering (TraFinG Gw) will come into force. With this law, the transparency register will be transformed from a catch-all register into a full register. As a result, all companies subject to transparency requirements will be obliged from 01.08.2021 to identify their beneficial owner and actively notify the transparency register for registration. This obligation also applies if the required information is already available in other electronically retrievable registers (such as the commercial, cooperative or partnership register). The previously applicable fiction of notification now no longer applies. Transitional periods apply to companies that previously benefited from the notification fiction. Those who do not comply with the notification obligation risk a fine.

The website of the Transparency Register provides detailed information. Furthermore, the Federal Office of Administration has published information and an FAQ catalogue.

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