Main Expertise Customs & Sanctions

Customs & Sanctions

Our lawyers have extensive experience and can advise you on various aspects of customs law

Your partner in all legal matters!

EU sanctions and foreign trade law

EU sanctions and foreign trade law

With extensive experience in foreign trade law, we offer you legal support for your international trade activities. Our experts conduct detailed analyses of your commercial activities to ensure that they comply with the EU sanctions against Russia. We support you in developing and implementing the necessary measures to comply with the sanctions.

Customs Law

Customs Law

Find out everything you need to know about EU customs law from our experts. We will be at your side to protect your interests in a complex and constantly evolving area of law.

VAT legislation

VAT legislation

We advise you on all matters relating to VAT legislation. You can rely on our proven solutions to success-fully handle your tax challenges.

Tax and customs criminal law

Tax and customs criminal law

We offer you expert advice and representation in customs and criminal law matters. Rely on our experi-ence to successfully confront potential legal conflicts.


Our team of specialist lawyers will be happy to advise you personally, by email, video conference or telephone - which of our services would best suit your needs and the likely costs. This initial information is, of course, free of charge and without any obligation on your part.

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