Main Expertise Residence & Relocation

Residence & Relocation

Our experienced lawyers specialise in supporting you in a wide range of matters relating to residence law.

Your partner in all legal matters!

Freelancers and skilled workers

Freelancers and skilled workers

For freelancers and skilled workers, it is crucial to take the right steps for a smooth and legal stay in Germany. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice on all relevant aspects, from applying for a work permit to obtaining a permanent residence permit. We support you in fulfilling the requirements for a residence permit in Germany and accompany you throughout the entire relocation process.

Investors and entrepreneurs

Investors and entrepreneurs

For investors and entrepreneurs, the legal security of their residence is of the utmost importance for the development of their business. Our law firm offers specialised advice for investors and entrepreneurs to help you with the application and renewal of residence permits as well as with questions relating to business matters.

Blue Card

Blue Card

Senior executives and highly qualified academics can benefit from the Blue Card. Our lawyers will provide you with comprehensive advice to ensure that you can take full advantage of the Blue Card and fulfil all legal requirements.

Retired wealthy foreigners

Retired wealthy foreigners

We offer specialised advisory services for wealthy foreign nationals who wish to enjoy their retirement in Germany. Our goal is to help you make a smooth transition and assist you with all legal steps so that you can fully enjoy your retirement in Germany.


Our team of specialist lawyers will be happy to advise you personally, by email, video conference or telephone - which of our services would best suit your needs and the likely costs. This initial information is, of course, free of charge and without any obligation on your part.

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