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Labour & Wrongful Termination

Protecting against dismissal - Compensation - Representing in labour courts.

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Protection against dismissal

Protection against dismissal

One of the key aspects of employment law work is protection against unfair dismissal. Your lawyer will examine the circumstances of the dismissal and determine whether it complies with the statutory provisions. He advises the employee on possible steps and, if necessary, represents him in court to achieve a fair solution.

Negotiation of compensation

Negotiation of compensation

In the event of a dismissal, negotiating an appropriate severance payment is of great importance. Your lawyer will use his or her negotiating skills to negotiate a fair severance payment for the employee that is not only financially appropriate, but also takes into account possible consequences for the employee's professional future.

Advising the employer

Advising the employer

The lawyer will provide your company with comprehensive advice on all aspects of labour law to ensure that all legal provisions are complied with. He provides support in drafting employment contracts, termination agreements and dismissals, develops strategies to avoid legal conflicts and minimises the risk of legal action on the part of employees.

Representation before the labour courts

Representation before the labour courts

If labour law disputes arise, your lawyer will represent you before the labour courts. He prepares the legal arguments, drafts statements of claim or defence and is committed to defending his client's interests. With his in-depth knowledge of labour law and his experience in court, he strives to find the best possible solution for the individual or the company.


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