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Tax consulting


Our english speaking lawyers can advise and represent you in the following matters related to taxation law:


Tax Advice

Taxation structure: preventative guidance on timely action within the tax declaration and returns system.


Criminal Tax Law

Litigation of tax tribunals, investigations and criminal tax proceedings, as well as qualified consultation on matters of criminal tax law.


Judicial Representation and Litigation

Disputes with financial authorities, customs offices, etc. in fiscal court.

Tax Returns and Consultancy

Preparation of recurring, case-specific tax returns and declarations

Tax-related applications in the areas of state subsidies and funding (investment allowances, incentives, home ownership).

Preparatory consultation on tax-related cases

Tax-optimal legal form and formations of companies

Restructuring of existing organizations

Turnover tax issues within a European or third country framework

Founding and support of German companies and subsidiaries of foreign organizations.


Procedural Assistance


Extrajudicial appeal proceedings

Representation in fiscal court


Accounting and Corporate Consulting


Management of entire financial and payroll process

Implementation of internal accounting systems

Preparation of financial statements in accordance with commercial and tax law

Investment decisions

Creation of cost, profitability and liquidity analyses

Finance and liquidity planning, assistance in banking and finance negotiations


Setting up a new business/start-ups


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